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Know Your Why 

Next, part of buying a home is an exploration into your inner psyche. Why do you want to buy a home? Why now? Why Gainesville and the surrounding areas? What are your goals, and what do you want to accomplish? Is your driving factor a life change, such as a new job, welcoming a child, or downsizing? All these factors will play into the type of home we’ll look for and how the process will work.  

Find a Trusted Agent 

To find your trusted Gainesville, Florida, real estate agent, start by asking for referrals. Talk to friends, family, and coworkers who have recently bought or sold a property to ask for recommendations. Check online reviews. Be sure to read positive and negative reviews so you have a well-rounded understanding of the agents you’re considering. Research the agent to determine how long they’ve been in business, what properties they specialize in, and what their sales record looks like. Then meet with multiple agents to determine the best fit for your search. Check their credentials to ensure they’re licensed and in good standing with the state of Florida.  


Make a List of Must-Haves 

Lists are your best friend in this process.

What are your must-haves when buying a home? Consider the following:  

  • Square footage 
  • Number of bedrooms 
  • Number of bathrooms 
  • Garage 
  • Yard  
  • Neighborhood 
  • Nearby Businesses  
  • Recreation  

      Make a List of Deal Breakers 

      You may also have a list of things that you absolutely don’t want to see in a home. Remember that many things can be changed, such as removing carpeting and replacing floors, but others will require a more significant investment of time and money. Some common deal breakers include:  

      • Going over budget 
      • Major structural issues 
      • Outdated plumbing or electrical  
      • Schools  
      • Signs of pests 
      • Water damage 
      • A design layout that doesn’t work for your family  


        Serving the Entire Gainesville Area & Beyond

        Work with Gainesville, Florida, real estate professional Cherrie Hughes LLC to buy or sell your home in the area.  

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        Search for Your Dream Home

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        We will be there every step to ensure you’re comfortable and happy with the process.

        Once you get your keys, you can celebrate your new home in Gainesville, Florida.  

        Review Credit, Start Mortgage Application, and Determine Your Budget

        It’s helpful to know your budget before starting the house-hunting process, and the best way to make that happen is by talking with a mortgage lender. If you don’t have a mortgage lender, we’ll be happy to make a recommendation. Your agent will review your application and credit score to let you know what kind of loan you qualify for and the amount you can spend. From there, you can decide how much you want to spend on your home.

        Visit Homes in Your Market

        Then we’ll begin visiting homes in your market. We will work with you at whatever level you’re comfortable with. Hands-on or hands-off, we’ll let you set the tone and the pace for the home search. I’ll use your why and list of must-haves and deal breakers to find homes for sale in your budget and schedule showings at your convenience.

        Make an Offer

        Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, we can start the next phase of the process. We’ll make an offer based on your budget and the asking price. We will always negotiate on your behalf to try to win the bid on your home for a comfortable price. We also know that if an offer doesn’t work out, we will continue to work with you until the right one comes along. Once your offer has been accepted, you’ll get an inspection, and we can renegotiate for repairs or credits.

        Final Steps

        The last steps of buying your new home include

        • Finalizing your financing
        • Having a final walkthrough
        • Closing you home

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